Deji Fajobi – the man behind the Planned Works Focus Group

Blog article by resident Samir Araffa

Planned Works Focus Group members with Deji Fajobi (Head of Planned Works)

Planned Works Focus Group members with Deji Fajobi (Head of Planned Works)


I have known Deji for 2 years, he is a hard working man with a passion to provide all Orbit residents with the best quality of service.

He started the Planned Works Focus Group in November 2011, where residents meet with him quarterly with the following objectives:-

• To improve communication/engagement between Orbit and residents with specific reference to Planned Works
• To support the on-going review of information provided to residents prior, during and after Planned Improvements
• Support partnership working with Orbit, its contractors and agents
• Improve customer satisfaction
• Identifying and adopting good practices in the delivery of Planned Programmes

Deji is an example of how Orbit works hard. As a resident I am so proud to take part in his group and work with him. Deji commits and promises to do whatever it takes to bring the service to resident’s full satisfaction.

If planned works interests you and you feel you would like to take part in this group, we would love to hear from you.

There are limited places on the Planned Works Focus Group and we are particularly interested in residents from the Norfolk / Suffolk area, so let us know if you’re interested in joining (we meet 4 times a year for around 4 hours with lunch provided). We are also hoping to create a blog page to keep everyone updated of discussions and progress in our meetings, which you will be able to contribute directly to….watch this space!

Deji has done a great job so far…..well done!


The way we involve you is changing

Be involved and join Orbital

Be involved and join Orbital

We are working with residents and staff to improve how we involve you in developing and improving our services.

We currently offer lots of different ways for you to be involved with Orbit and make a difference within your community and to the services you receive from us. This includes being:

  • A Community Voice and acting as a local point of contact for your community and keeping your neighbours informed about Orbit news
  • Join Orbital and share your views to suit your lifestyle
  • A Scrutiny Panel member and challenging our performance and making recommendations for improvements
  • Disability Forum member and helping to improve our services so they meet the needs of our disabled residents
  • Involved in selecting suppliers of services such as our new website
  • A Community Reporter and using social media to promote the difference that residents make within their communities and to the services they receive from us

We want to ensure that all our involvement activities are accessible, relevant and enable residents to make real improvements to our services.

We appreciate that everyone has different commitments in their lives and it is not always practical to attend meetings to discuss what you want to say so in future we will offer an ‘at home or on the move’ option alongside our local and regional involvement opportunities to ensure that no matter how little time you have, you will still have an opportunity to be involved.

We will keep you updated as we develop our plans for improving how we involve you through this blog page and through articles in Your Orbit.

If you are interested in finding out more about the opportunities to get involved and help to improve our services please contact the Customer Involvement team on 0345 6002535 or email