Our new ‘Offer of Opportunities’ for you to get involved

Earlier this year, we undertook a 4 month review of the Customer Involvement Service looking at what was working, what wasn’t and asking our customers and staff how we could best provide opportunities to be involved.

In summary here’s what we looked at:

  • We reviewed the involvement database ensuring everyone remaining on there wanted to be involved.
  • We interviewed staff and customers asking for their thoughts on the opportunities currently available.
  • We assessed every opportunity we currently offer looking at outcomes, successes, value for money and how easy it was for customers to be involved.
  • We looked at what other Housing Organisations were offering to their customers.

Here’s what we are going to do:

  • Make sure all opportunities to be involved reflect customers and the business needs and are meaningful and realistic.
  • Improve communication of the service; e.g. promoting it better.
  • Show you regularly how you’ve made a difference.
  • We will develop a consistent brand identity across both regions (East and South).
  • Our customers will monitor our performance.

We are delighted to present you with our new ‘Offer of Opportunities’ (this will replace any previous involvement leaflets including ‘menu of involvement’ in the South, and ‘Orbital’ in the East)

Our main focus is to ensure any involvement opportunity we have for you is meaningful and allows you to have real influence over the services you receive. Therefore, some of the opportunities you may have been familiar with or indeed involved with in the past may not be included now.

However we hope that you will enjoy the opportunities available and please do look out for new initiatives which will be added as soon as they are available. The offer document will be produced every 3 months to keep it fresh and ensure we can include any new ways for being involved.

The look of the offer document may well change, as we consult more with customers over the coming months on logos and design.

We very much hope you like this new way of offering you opportunities and we very much look forward to working with as many of you as possible in the near future.

Lisa Cornish and Russell Heath
Customer Involvement Advisors (East and South)

Customer Approved Logo

Please click here to view our ‘Offer of Opportunities

Deji Fajobi – the man behind the Planned Works Focus Group

Blog article by resident Samir Araffa

Planned Works Focus Group members with Deji Fajobi (Head of Planned Works)

Planned Works Focus Group members with Deji Fajobi (Head of Planned Works)


I have known Deji for 2 years, he is a hard working man with a passion to provide all Orbit residents with the best quality of service.

He started the Planned Works Focus Group in November 2011, where residents meet with him quarterly with the following objectives:-

• To improve communication/engagement between Orbit and residents with specific reference to Planned Works
• To support the on-going review of information provided to residents prior, during and after Planned Improvements
• Support partnership working with Orbit, its contractors and agents
• Improve customer satisfaction
• Identifying and adopting good practices in the delivery of Planned Programmes

Deji is an example of how Orbit works hard. As a resident I am so proud to take part in his group and work with him. Deji commits and promises to do whatever it takes to bring the service to resident’s full satisfaction.

If planned works interests you and you feel you would like to take part in this group, we would love to hear from you.

There are limited places on the Planned Works Focus Group and we are particularly interested in residents from the Norfolk / Suffolk area, so let us know if you’re interested in joining (we meet 4 times a year for around 4 hours with lunch provided). We are also hoping to create a blog page to keep everyone updated of discussions and progress in our meetings, which you will be able to contribute directly to….watch this space!

Deji has done a great job so far…..well done!