Tailor made training for our involved customers!

CI Training Brochure Cover - OEThe Customer Involvement Team has created a training brochure to support all of the involvement opportunities we have for our customers across Orbit.

Although in the past we have provided customer training, where available and relevant to the customer’s involvement, we often had to look at external trainers, which didn’t always provide the best value for money, or really be tailored to what our customers need.

So this is the first time a ‘bespoke’ training programme has been put together to support our involved customers in their activities and help them learn some great new skills.

We really hope this will encourage new involvement and encourage those already involved to remain.

All the sessions will be delivered either by the Service Improvement Team or Orbit Academy, keeping things totally in house and offering great value for money. They range from presentation and assertiveness skills, to understanding complaints and vfm,  as well as more specific sessions around customer involvement and performance information.

We have also sourced some other ‘free’ training opportunities that either other Housing Providers or organisations like TPAS deliver. So there really is a great range of courses for you to take a look at.

If you have already expressed an interest in being involved in the work of Orbit and are on our database, you will shortly receive a copy of the programme either in the post or by email.

If you are not yet on our database but are interested in seeing how you can be involved with Orbit, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will send you our ‘offer of opportunities’ detailing all the current ways you can have your say.

Community Reporters new film to showcase the work of Orbit’s Tenancy Fraud Officer!

Community Reporter’s Baeti Mothobi and Tracey Kember used their Community Reporting Skills to great effect by interviewing Mark Connolly, Orbit South’s Tenancy Fraud Officer……. but they didn’t leave it at that…. they made a film too!

Tenancy Fraud is a huge problem within Social Housing, with many impacts, including reducing the amount of properties available for people in genuine need, properties not being maintained and of course not to mention the financial loss to an organisation.

Baeti and Tracey wanted to ensure they created a film that could be used to highlight the subject, giving the audience as much information as possible, as well as showcasing the fantastic work Mark has already achieved in a short space of time.

You also will meet Cassandra in the film, a victim of tenacy fraud, who’s story really brings everything to life and brings home what impact this fraud can have on a family.

Here’s a taster of the finished piece….. and you can watch the full film here.

Do you have a story to tell about your involvement with Orbit or the services you see?  Please do get in touch….. maybe it could be your film next!