What Matters Survey

When was the last time someone told you you were great? Did it feel good? Have you kept on doing good stuff as a result?

When was the last time someone criticised you? Not so much fun, was it? But did it help you change the way you behaved?

We all like hearing about the good stuff; nobody likes to hear the bad. That’s the same for people and for organisations. Orbit included. But the advantages of hearing what people think of you outweigh the disadvantages. Good or bad, feedback is a great way to improve how you operate and keep on getting better.

The What Matters survey is a chance for Orbit customers to give their feedback on our services. From 27 April – 27 May, you may get a phone call from a company called Marketing Means. They are conducting the survey for us.

Please take the time to give your feedback. Tell us what you think – yes, really. If we know what is important to you, we can make sure we are providing the best services to meet your needs.

Community Reporters refresh their skills!

March saw 5 of Orbit South’s Community Reporters take part in some refresher training to brush up on some of the great skills they learned in 2013.

The main focus was interview techniques and also what makes a blog or newsletter article great and one that people really want to read.

Reporters took it in turn to film interviewing one another, asking what involvement means to them, learning how to angle the camera for the best shots and putting their interviewee at ease.

They also learnt some top tips on creating blog and newsletter articles and you can see some of the fantastic results here!

The training hopefully achieved its goal of giving the reporters renewed confidence in reporting on what’s going on within their communities and within Orbit.

Do you have a story to tell about where you live or your involvement with Orbit? If so we would love to hear from you. You can film something on your phone or tablet if you have one, or pop your article to us by post or email.

We look forward to hearing what’s going on!